Nero d’Avola, the king of Sicilian grape varieties

In Sicily with over 20.000 hectares of vineyards, Nero d’Avola is one of the most grown native grape variety of the Island.

Its most suited territory is a strip of land on the extreme point of the south eastern Sicily, in the areas of Eloro, Pachino and Avola, quite close to the city of Siracusa.

In the 19th century one of the most used synonymous for it was “Calabrese”, a misspelling of the ancient Sicilian word “Calaravrisi”, which means grape from Avola.

From east to west, it is possible to taste different style of Nero d’Avola, each of them are typified by different aromas such as spices, violet, fragrant or ripe red fruits hints. It’s has medium acidity, medium-high tannins and full body which make Nero d’Avola suitable for aging.

Our winery has been growing Nero d’Avola since ’90s, when my father Antonino took up the reins of the farm and started the conversion to the organic viticulture. Step by step love and respect for this ancient indigenous grape, led us to experiment different winemaking management as main variety and in blend with other grapes.

Nero d’Avola of the Watercolors line, born in Partinico, in the Lavatore district, from a vineyard with a west facing aspect and located at 370 mt a.s.l. with calcareous soil.

From the vineyard to the cellar, we are really careful with this grape, produced following a sustainable philosophy and adopting the organic protocols.

This is a fruity and versatile red wine, with fragrant tannins. It’s matured in stainless steel tanks and 25 hl oak barrel for 12 months to emphatise its peculiarities, ensuring best oxigenation and preserving the fruity scents.

Our Watercolors are wines that, year after year, paint the land through the seeking for the varietal expression, as well as the typical painting technique, where light brushstrokes capture a landscape in its disarming simplicity.

Pleasant and immediate wines, as those friends you really hit it off. Enjoy our Nero d’Avola, a rich bouquet of prune, berry jam and vanilla. Full-bodied and with exuberant tannins, in the end it is balsamic with a hint of coffee.

We can’t help of drinking it both for Sundays barbecues and for special occasions.