Gadì Catarratto sicilian sparkling wine and food pairings

When it comes to “bubbles”, you immediately think to Champagne; not only in France, but also Italy produces several style of sparkling wines to have fun with.

Our winery didn’t give up on the the pleasure of sparkling win production, infact we have been made it for several years, giving value to our most important indigenous grape varieties, Catarratto.

We grow it in Partinico, just a few kilometres from Palermo, in Lavatore district, at 300 metres above sea level. Here hilly altitude contributes to developing a good level of acidity and aromas in the grapes.

So born Gadì, our Brut sparkling wine from Charmat method. Handycraft production and daily cares make of this sparkling wine a loyal and versatile companion in food pairings.

Charachterized by fine and persistant bubbles and of a delicate bouquet of tropical and citrus fruits and pastry joined to floral notes. A great prelude for sea food starters thanks to its delicate creaminess and lively acidity.

Sushi rolls

Raw fish and sea food dishes get on very well both with bubbles and with its the savoury sip. That freshness will cut through the oil, and those bubbles are just begging for something deep-fried. It also works very well with fresh and short aged cheese starters.

It would be a good buddy for an all the meal food pairing in the occasion of a summer fish dishes dinner.

Deep fried calamari rings and french fries
Salmon Tartare with avocado mousse.

Dry and creamy, Gadì sparkling wine can match well with a tipycal local pasta and sardines dish. Catarratto organolectic charachteristics’ enhance the sweetness of the pasta and of the sultana rasin, as well as the savoury of the sardines.

At last, it’s delicious with a potatoes crusted grouper fillet, where the fattiness of grouper and the sweetness of potatoes mix perfectly, thanks to its medium-high acidity and bubbles that refresh and clean the palate.

Dorada baked with potatoes

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