The harvest, a charming moment between hard work and traditions

Every year between August and September, comes the time of harvest in western Sicily. A ritual that tells about ancient traditions and that represents the end and – at the same time – the beginning of a cycle.

The end of the vine’s life cycle and the peak of our daily work in the vineyards. It’s the moment when the life of the wine starts through the fermentation, maturation and aging path which ends when wine is released in the market to reach the consumer.

Since ancient times in Rome, harvest period was celebrated with banquets and other feasts in honor of Bacchus.

Even in the sicilian countryside, harvest have always been a real celebration, an occasion to join together entire families. An important moment to share the joy and the fatigue for the new production, a moment to celebrate the deep bond between man and its land.

So we choose to keep alive some of the ancient traditions.

Even today in our winery, grapes are handpicked, because it’s the only way to ensure a high quality of the harvest through a selection of the best grapes in the vineyard, in order to preserve part of the historical tradition.

Nevertheless the effort put into our work, we cut out moments of relax filled by laughs, tales and popular songs and the must-have snack enjoyed with a glass of our organic wine.

The deeply respect for rural traditions is flanked by a constant tension towards experimentation and the desire to innovate, which have led us to adopt some precautions compared to the traditional approach. For hygiene reasons, we have opted for the use of plastic boxes that replace the traditional wicker baskets.
In addition, the use of mechanical means to transport the grapes harvested from the vineyard to the cellar, allows us to preserve their organoleptic qualities until the time of pressing.

We will remember harvest 2021 for the fast-paced rythms, high temperatures which led us to start grapes’ picking in the first half of August – always a little earlier every year – and for the satisfaction of having harvested beautiful and healthy grapes.


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