How to pair Grillo wine, the native ambassador of Sicily

Le’ts find out the most lovely native grape varieties of Sicily, Grillo.

We are going to tell you its story, where we grow it, its carachteristics and the most tasty pairings.

Grillo is a grape which have noble birth. It’s father was Baron Mendola, a Sicilian agronomist and ampelographer.
In mid 19th century, the Baron was searching for a more aromatic grape vine to produce Marsala fortified wine. He wasn’t able to find it so he guessed he could give birth to a new grape variety, thanks to a crossbreed of two indigenous grapes: Catarratto and Zibibbo. Soon this became the basic wines used in the production of most structured and aromatic Marsala wine.
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Today Grillo is used not only in the production of the best Marsala wines because of its longevity, but it is also valued as a dry white wine. And just since 30 years it has been considered as a Sicilian ambassador all over the world.

There are lots of Sicilian DOCs spread all over Sicily which involve the use of Grillo grapes, but it is most cultivated in Western Sicily, especially in the area of Palermo and Trapani.

And it’s in Partinico, a few kilometres from Palermo, over the hills of Contrada Lavatore, that we produce traditional indigenous grapes as Grillo one.

Grillo wine from Acquerelli collection is in total harmony with our hilly territory and a mix of fruity and herbal scents. Depending on the vintage, in the glass you will find aromas of stone fruits, melon, citrus fruits, aromatic herbs and orange blossom.

Savoury, fresh and medium-bodied, it is a long-lived and versatile wine that lends itself to different pairings with food and occasions.

Let’s find out together!

An unmissable ouverture
Our Grillo is a great companion paired with mixed fried fish or battered vegetables. For the most greedy to try with a sandwich with panelle and crocchè, typical Palermo street food. Its freshness and aromaticity also go perfectly with red prawns from Mazara del Vallo or with spaghetti with clams. The fattiness of the prawns and the greatness of the clams are perfectly diluted by the freshness of Grillo, able to clean the mouth.

And second course? Light the fire and start to grill fish and seasonal vegetables. A grilled sea bass or sea bream, with soft and fragrant meats, perfectly match the citrus aromas of Grillo.

If you prefer another second course, Grillo is excellent paired with fresh or slightly aged cheeses such as mozzarella fiordilatte, primosale, tuma, caciocavallo.

For meat lovers we recommend sipping it with a pig cooked in sweet and sour.

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