Grillo, Catarratto or Nero d’Avola, which is your favourite one?

Have you ever noticed how much variety of vines offers Sicily? We can choose among several native grapes, which give birth to as many styles of wines.
At our home, or rather in our vineyard, the natives cannot be missing. We produce wines from the most important grape varieties, in many versions that can meet the taste of all palates.

Today we want to tell you about three of our “Watercolors”, wines to share from native vines such as Grillo, Catarratto and Nero d’Avola.

Grillo – a Sicilian grape variety loved all over the world by now – is in full harmony with our hilly territory and is a mix of aromas of citrus and Mediterranean scrub that make it a versatile in wine pairing.

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Our Catarratto – the most common grape variety throughout the island – was born in Contrada Lavatore at 300 meters above sea level. Here the altitudes contribute to the production of grapes with a high level of acidity, capable of fully developing the typical aromas of the varietal. The result is a wine with a fruity character, in which every sip leaves an intense sensation of freshness and sapidity.

Finally, our Rosa dei Venti, made from Nero d’Avola grapes, is the autochthonous vine traditionally associated with Sicily in the world, here vinified in rosè version.


In this period the convivial occasions begin to intensify (finally!)
So here are some ideas on how to pair our Grillo, Catarratto and Nero d’Avola rosè.

The aromas and flavors of these wines are well suited to different dishes of the Italian culinary tradition and not only.

A light bouquet of citrus and tropical fruit combined with hints of acacia flowers and wild herbs, our Grillo is perfect paired with a ceviche of salmon, avocado and pomegranate. The marinade of lime, oil and coriander combines with its citrus scents, while the fat of the salmon is perfectly balanced by its freshness.

Hints of stone fruits, wild herbs, citrus and sweet spices. The Catarratto Gadì is a bulwark of our production, fresh and savory, we recommend it with an orange chicken able to recall its citrus and herbaceous notes.

Fragrant and intense hints of orange peel and berries, full and fresh sip, this is our Rosa del Sud!

A rosé made from Nero d’Avola grapes, which goes perfectly with a creamy risotto with pumpkin, speck and gorgonzola cheese.
The citrus notes in fact accompany the pumpkin without overpowering its characteristic sweet and delicate notes.

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