Six pairing for Christmas holidays with sparkling and sweet wine

December brings with it moments of celebration in which convivial occasions, as well as ideas to bring to the table, are never enough.

But sometimes to impress our family and friends, we lack inspiration.
So here we are to give you some ideas!
We offer some pairings with the wines symbol of Cossentino for the holidays: Gadì Spumante and Muscarò passito.

Both are part of our collection Intuitions.
Wines born thanks to our deep feeling towards the territory and the changes that take place in our vineyards, day after day. In our choices – and intuitions – there was no lack of attention to the tastes of winelovers!

We thought to some pairings, partly the result of our ideas and partly freely taken from the natural cuisine of our partner. Nello Occhipinti, chef of the restaurant Verdechiaro, located in Palermo city. A natural cuisine, conscious and good. Culinary experiences not at all discounted and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

A crisp intuition, the enhancement of the ancient native variety of Catarratto in sparkling version.
Gadì is a sparkling wine produced from Catarratto sicilian grape variety grown 300 meters above sea level, in Contrada Lavatore, in Partinico. A Charmat method with fine perlage and good persistence. Bouquet of tropical fruit, citrus and pastry combined with floral notes. Creamy and with a lively acidity, it pleasantly lingers in the mouth.

It goes really well with delicious dishes of vegetables.

Such as millet meatballs with a cream of rocket, basil and sweet chili veg yogurt. The greatness of the meatballs and the fatness of mayonnaise are cleverly combined with bubbles, able to clean the palate.

For lovers of Asian cuisine, our sparkling wine Gadì pairs very well with fried spring rolls too.
A typical appetizer of Chinese cuisine with a crispy shell, in fried and vegetarian version. The bubbles of our Gadì perfectly cut through the oiliness of the roll, while its freshness and flavor cleanse and prepare the palate to the next bite.

What if we want a dish that tastes like the sea? The freshness and flavor of our Catarratto blend harmoniously with a tartare of Red shrimps from Mazara del Vallo dressed with scents of mandarin, mint and pink pepper.

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A moment of extraordinary sweetness is accompanied by the rediscovery of an unusual variety in Sicily.
Muscarò is a sweet wine produced with Moscato delle Rose or Moscaro rosa grapes. Not everyone knows that this vine, once present in Sicily, was then abandoned due to low yields. My father Antonino, had the courage to bring this variety back to the island, enhancing it with a unique wine.

Discover more on Muscarò Passito

It has a complex bouquet of rose, cooked apples, orange peel, acacia honey, blueberry and ripe red cherries. The mouthfeel is juicy and sweet, perfectly balanced by the acidity. The finish is long, pleasant and with nuances of white pepper and cloves. We sipped it while enjoying a slice of cocoa sponge cake with a soft heart of dark chocolate, covered with a ganache of dark chocolate and coconut.

Last but not least, a sensational combination with a dessert of Sicilian tradition, the Savoy cake. It is an elegant Sicilian dessert consisting of several layers of pastry, stuffed with gianduia chocolate cream and glazed with dark chocolate. The sweetness of Muscarò goes perfectly with the sweetness of the gianduia cream.

What if we wanted to try something different? Then do not miss Muscarò paired with aged or blue cheeses.
If you have not tried it, you do not know what pleasure you are missing. The sweet notes of fruit and spices of Muscarò dance together with the spicy and sweet notes of a Piacentino Ennese or a Gorgonzola.

Which one of the suggested wine&food pairing would you like to bring to the table for the holidays?


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