Which wine to pair with pizza? The best pairings with our wines to celebrate the World Pizza Day

What better way to celebrate this national pride dish, than by suggesting the best pairings with our wines?

This day, recognized worldwide, falls on January 17, not by chance. In fact, it coincides with the feast of Saint Anthony the Abbot, protector of bakers and pizza makers.

Hard to find someone who doesn’t love pizza all over the planet. Thanks to the thousand variations of dough, ingredients and cooking, it truly satisfies all palates. And for many it represents a real comfort food.

Most pizza lovers still insist on pairing this tasty dish with beer. But it is definitely not the best match. Did you know? We explain why.

Pizza and beer means “yeast party”! Both are based on cereals and yeasts and by combining them we create a duplicate. After a meal, you may feel bloated and heavy, and digestion will not be easy.

The best pairing, in our opinion and not only, are precisely with wine. Thanks to the great variety of raw materials used for pizza and the immense variety of wines, vines and styles present even only in Italy, fun is guaranteed.

Of course, all this variety can complicate the choice a bit, but here are some suggestions to make no mistake and fully enjoy the pizza tasting.


The undisputed queen of pizzas needs a companion who can compliment her and at the same time be at her level. The acidity of the tomato, whether it is cherry, San Marzano or classic, should be balanced with a wine with a good acidity level, with a medium body and not too alcoholic. Fragrant but not too intense so as not to overwhelm the simplicity of the ingredients.

For us, the choice undoubtedly falls on Rosa del Sud, our rosé made from Nero d’Avola grapes.


You are really greedy!

This pizza based on stracciatella or buffalo, pistachio and mortadella is now present in many pizzerias. It is a creamy pizza with a good flavor intensity. In our opinion, bubbles are needed to balanced the tasting.

Our Gadì Spumante accompanies it perfectly, cut through the fatty components and refreshing the palate with each slice.

Sausage and Friarielli

Really yummy! Call out bolder wines such as Syrah.

The combination works very well thanks to the spices used for the sausage and the intense flavor of the meat. Our Syrah will welcome you with its intense aromas of blueberries, plums and cherries, and a long and enveloping sip.

Raw ham, rocket and parmesan

Also called San Daniele, it is one of the most popular pizzas. Tasty but not too much, that goes very well with fresh white wines with good aromatic intensity.

Our Grillo is an excellent companion, to achieve a rich and elegant taste balance.


If you love this pizza, chances are you like fresh, fragrant white wines, and it’s lucky they go so well together. The vegetarian or vegetable pizza, as you prefer to call it, is based on tomatoes and other fresh seasonal vegetables. It goes well with our Catarratto Gadì, a medium-bodied dry white wine, with a quite complex bouquet of Mediterranean herbs, citrus and stone fruits.


Rich and tasty, this margherita base pizza with ham, mushrooms, artichokes and sometimes olives, is perfect if eaten in the company of a red wine with good structure and soft tannins.

You could try our Nero d’Avola with a rich bouquet of red and black fruit. It will accompany you with a full-bodied and rounded sip and a delicious spicy finish.

Also try it with pizzas made with other cured meats.

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