Author: Veronica

What better way to celebrate this national pride dish, than by suggesting the best pairings with our wines? This day, recognized worldwide, falls on January 17, not by chance. In fact, it coincides with the feast of Saint Anthony the Abbot, protector of bakers and pizza makers. Hard to find someone who doesn't love pizza all over the planet. Thanks to the thousand variations of dough, ingredients and cooking, it truly satisfies all palates. And for many it represents a real comfort food. Most pizza lovers still insist on pairing this tasty dish with beer. But it is definitely not the best match. Did you know? We explain why. Pizza and beer

December brings with it moments of celebration in which convivial occasions, as well as ideas to bring to the table, are never enough. But sometimes to impress our family and friends, we lack inspiration.So here we are to give you some ideas!We offer some pairings with the wines symbol of Cossentino for the holidays: Gadì Spumante and Muscarò passito. Both are part of our collection Intuitions.Wines born thanks to our deep feeling towards the territory and the changes that take place in our vineyards, day after day. In our choices - and intuitions - there was no lack of attention to the tastes of winelovers! We thought to some pairings, partly

The time has finally come to reopen the doors of our cellar.After a long year of closure and total dedication to vineyards, we are happy to be able starting again with winery tour: living moments of sharing with winelovers and tourists is a fundamental part of the work for us. On the hills of Partinico, in the province of Palermo, overlooking the Gulf of Castellammare, we offer a tasting experience in an area rich in culture, traditions and sites to visit, of which we have already given you a taste here. Sitting on the lawn overlooking the vineyards, walking in the cellar among the barrels or in the vineyard

Our family is deeply bonded to its territory of which our wines are pure expression. That's why we would like you discover the amazing sites in the surrounding. Our estate vineyards' in Partinico are located on the highest hills facing the Gulf of Castellammare. The area of Camporeale is the most vocated one to viticolture in the neighbourhood of Palermo. This is a place rich in story and in rural and culinary traditions to which belong the villages of San Giuseppe Jato, San Cipirello, Roccamena, Grisì and the district of Monreale, with their naturalistic beauties not to miss. Camporeale, City of Wine and Wood, is a small farming village at the

In Sicily with over 20.000 hectares of vineyards, Nero d'Avola is one of the most grown native grape variety of the Island. Its most suited territory is a strip of land on the extreme point of the south eastern Sicily, in the areas of Eloro, Pachino and Avola, quite close to the city of Siracusa. In the 19th century one of the most used synonymous for it was "Calabrese", a misspelling of the ancient Sicilian word "Calaravrisi", which means grape from Avola. From east to west, it is possible to taste different style of Nero d'Avola, each of them are typified by different aromas such as spices, violet, fragrant or ripe

FOR THE 2017 EDITION OF THE INTERNATIONAL ORGANIC WINE AWARD, OUR MUSCARÒ 2015 WAS THE ONLY ITALIAN WINE TO RECEIVE A SCORE OF 100 POINTS. It was a great satisfaction for us, when the first vintage of Muscarò, after years of experimentation, obtained such an important award worldwide. The International Organic Wine Award is a competition for quality wines made from grapes grown with organic methods approved by the EU. Founded in 2009, it is appreciated for the transparency of its results and for the expertise of its jury. The tasting, directed by sensory expert and PAR® developer Martin Darting, managed to gain this trust thanks to the PAR® evaluation system