Every year between August and September, comes the time of harvest in western Sicily. A ritual that tells about ancient traditions and that represents the end and - at the same time - the beginning of a cycle. The end of the vine's life cycle and the peak of our daily work in the vineyards. It's the moment when the life of the wine starts through the fermentation, maturation and aging path which ends when wine is released in the market to reach the consumer. Since ancient times in Rome, harvest period was celebrated with banquets and other feasts in honor of Bacchus. Even in the sicilian countryside, harvest have always

Our family is deeply bonded to its territory of which our wines are pure expression. That's why we would like you discover the amazing sites in the surrounding. Our estate vineyards' in Partinico are located on the highest hills facing the Gulf of Castellammare. The area of Camporeale is the most vocated one to viticolture in the neighbourhood of Palermo. This is a place rich in story and in rural and culinary traditions to which belong the villages of San Giuseppe Jato, San Cipirello, Roccamena, Grisì and the district of Monreale, with their naturalistic beauties not to miss. Camporeale, City of Wine and Wood, is a small farming village at the