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Have you ever noticed how much variety of vines offers Sicily? We can choose among several native grapes, which give birth to as many styles of wines.At our home, or rather in our vineyard, the natives cannot be missing. We produce wines from the most important grape varieties, in many versions that can meet the taste of all palates. Today we want to tell you about three of our "Watercolors", wines to share from native vines such as Grillo, Catarratto and Nero d'Avola. Grillo - a Sicilian grape variety loved all over the world by now - is in full harmony with our hilly territory and is a mix of

Le'ts find out the most lovely native grape varieties of Sicily, Grillo. We are going to tell you its story, where we grow it, its carachteristics and the most tasty pairings. Grillo is a grape which have noble birth. It's father was Baron Mendola, a Sicilian agronomist and ampelographer.In mid 19th century, the Baron was searching for a more aromatic grape vine to produce Marsala fortified wine. He wasn't able to find it so he guessed he could give birth to a new grape variety, thanks to a crossbreed of two indigenous grapes: Catarratto and Zibibbo. Soon this became the basic wines used in the production of most structured and

Every year between August and September, comes the time of harvest in western Sicily. A ritual that tells about ancient traditions and that represents the end and - at the same time - the beginning of a cycle. The end of the vine's life cycle and the peak of our daily work in the vineyards. It's the moment when the life of the wine starts through the fermentation, maturation and aging path which ends when wine is released in the market to reach the consumer. Since ancient times in Rome, harvest period was celebrated with banquets and other feasts in honor of Bacchus. Even in the sicilian countryside, harvest have always

When it comes to “bubbles”, you immediately think to Champagne; not only in France, but also Italy produces several style of sparkling wines to have fun with. Our winery didn’t give up on the the pleasure of sparkling win production, infact we have been made it for several years, giving value to our most important indigenous grape varieties, Catarratto.

In Sicily with over 20.000 hectares of vineyards, Nero d'Avola is one of the most grown native grape variety of the Island. Its most suited territory is a strip of land on the extreme point of the south eastern Sicily, in the areas of Eloro, Pachino and Avola, quite close to the city of Siracusa. In the 19th century one of the most used synonymous for it was "Calabrese", a misspelling of the ancient Sicilian word "Calaravrisi", which means grape from Avola. From east to west, it is possible to taste different style of Nero d'Avola, each of them are typified by different aromas such as spices, violet, fragrant or ripe