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Our story


In the 1960s, grandfather Gaspare Di Trapani, who inspired our Gadì – sparkling wine of Catarratto – grew grapes in the family estate in the Alcamo Doc area, precisely in Partinico, in the province of Palermo. Later, in the 1980s, the company project with my father Antonino Cossentino was born. With his eyes always looking forward, my father dedicated his life to improve the family estate, full of vineyards, peach and cherry orchards at that time.

The choice to convert the land to the production of wine grapes was natural, spontaneous. Like the choice to plant French vine varieties, popular at that time, such as Merlot, Syrah and Chardonnay, alongside Catarratto, the native vine that has always had a special place in our estate, as in our heart.

Even before the Cossentino brand was born, my father’s thoughts turned to the agricultural part, to make the right choices for the land and the environment. In fact, thanks to my father’s foresight, since the mid-1990s we have been able to qualify for the certification of organic viticulture. We have been among the first in Sicily to make this sustainable choice, and we are proud of it.

In addition to the care for the environment, attention has always been paid to research. We have been an active part in the ten-year experimentation on the enhancement of the Muscat grape variety, and specifically of the “Moscato dello Zucco” brand. Twelve varieties of Muscat were tested during the experimentation and although this had another goal, it was a milestone in our growth as a winery.

We can really talk about serendipity: a stroke of luck which allowed us to make a happy discovery that we did not expect or were looking for. We were able to appreciate the unique expression of Moscato delle Rose in Sicily, or better in Partinico, in the Alcamo Classico Doc area. From here, after much study and research, our Muscarò was born, the only sweet wine from Moscato delle Rose produced in the whole island, which we love to sip all together at the end of Sunday lunch.



Gaspare Di Trapani grows grapes in the estate in Contrada Lavatore


The estate goes to the son-in-law Antonino Cossentino who begins to build the company project


The whole winery is certified organic


Our first bottling: we start with the Catarratto


The building of our cellar begins


Our company is an active part in the experimentation on Moscato dello Zucco


After many experiments and tastings, our Muscarò is ready for the market


We open the doors to wine lovers: the wine and tourist activity begins