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Vineyard and Cellar

Vineyard and Cellar

A hilly area of ​​poetic beauty

In Partinico, on the hills overlooking the Gulf of Castellammare, in Contrada Lavatore and Contrada Costa di Bisaccia, our vineyards grow all around the cellar.

An organically cultivated area, consisting of 21 hectares, divided into small parcels of no more than 2 hectares characterized by a great variety of soil and climate.

From the lowest vineyard, at 370 meters above sea level, to the highest one, 480 meters above sea level, it is possible to appreciate the differences, both in exposure and in geolocation, as well as in the predominantly clayey-sandy soils.

Our year is marked by the cycle of the vine. We listen and observe the needs of the plant, accompanying it in its awakening, anticipating or postponing winter pruning.

Fertilization with the use of natural products takes place every two years. We do not use pesticides or herbicides, but in spring we help the vine with constant and repeated tillage of the soil.

When necessary, we protect the vineyards with sulfur and copper and carry out thinning practices.

During the harvest, manual harvesting is essential for us, allowing us to select the best bunches. Wine is born from the healthy vineyard and grapes, the starting point for the choices of cellar.

In the cellar we always look for freshness and varietal expression.

Maceration and fermentation take place in steel and concrete tanks.

For a selection of our reds, the ageing takes place in tonneaux or in large barrels.

From the vineyard to the cellar, we are guided by the idea of ​​enhancing the expression of variety, the pleasantness of the fruit and the good drinkability in wine.